Strengthen your core in just 3 12-minutes a week! No equipment required.


Our core is the center of all movement and therefore, a strong core in invaluable. An efficient core doesn’t mean having a 6-pack, nor does having a 6-pack signify an efficient core. Take care of your body from the inside out! If you refuse to end up with chronic back pain and want to take every precaution to mitigate risk of injury, this is for you. If you already suffer from lower back pain, it’s likely resulting from an inefficient core. It is so important to take care of your body NOW! Take preventive action. Questions? Email

12 Weeks to an Efficient Core

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  • This guide is a 21-page pdf that includes:

    • Scientific information on your core musculature
    • Information on THE BEST exercises to do to strengthen your core
    • Exercise library and instruction
    • Access to video to see view exercises
    • Regressions/progressions
    • 12 weeks of exercises & stretches


    The guide requires just 12 minutes, 3 times a week and can be done anywhere.

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