The Sunday Motivation Series

Sunday is technically the first day of the week. It is also a day that may often be slightly depressing because the following day is Monday, right, because tomorrow you have to go back to ‘reality’? Sunday has a negative connotation associated with it, but even if Monday sucks, why does Sunday have to have that gloomy, lazy feel, too? After all, Sunday is 50% of the weekend. I will be the first to admit that I’ve had these feelings as well, but if utilized properly, Sunday can be (and should be) the most uplifting, productive day of the week.

The Sunday Motivation Series sets out to do just that, offer a simple tip of advice to create a healthier lifestyle and set a positive tone for the upcoming week. Posted each Sunday afternoon, these blogs will relate to health & fitness and how they can be incorporated into daily life to cut bad habits and realize your goals. Imagine, if you committed to making one, small change in your life each week, how much positive energy would be created and how much you could accomplish both mentally and physically in a month or in a year. Change is hard, but taking small, consistent steps will result in sustainable life habits over time. Remember, health is a lifestyle - it is not a diet, it is not temporary, it is a life-long journey so really focus on one thing each week to better yourself. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Now is the perfect time to start. In a month, you will wish that you started today. It is often said that starting is the hardest part and it could not be more accurate. So, whether your goal is to clean up your eating habits, lose weight, start and stick to a gym routine, or just simply live a healthier life, the Sunday Motivation Series will be a useful tool in your journey to wellness. Think of Sundays like a fresh start. It’s the first day of the week, and what you dedicate this day to and your attitude towards it has the power to set the energy for the entire week, so make it a positive one!