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Detox Our Planet

For many of us, this summer has been one of the sweatiest we’ve ever lived. And this means global warming is not only an academic topic, but a reality! Yes, our planet is in danger and yes, we must do something NOW.

Today, I want to call each and every of us to do something concrete. Because it is the responsibility of OUR generation to save Mother Earth! We have the power to create a world where human beings truly respect nature, we have the power to build a green and safe planet to our children. But, that will happen only if we ALL do our part and act as ONE community. We can and will do it, all together!

One of the concrete things I have decided to do is to consume only brands that really contribute to save our planet. FRÉ @freskincare is one of them and I feel they are even leading the green revolution in the skincare industry. For every skincare set sold, FRÉ plants an Argan tree of life in Morocco to fight deforestation, improve the quality of air and support women’s communities who harvest Argan oil. On January 14th , FRÉ will have its yearly planting day (you are all welcome to join) and until then, they commit to plant even more trees than planned to increase our community’s impact.

For the next 7 days, FRÉ will plant 3 trees for every DETOX TRIO sold, conveying a simple but so true message: to really DETOX our skin, we have to DETOX the planet! The DETOX TRIO includes my 3 favorite products based on organic Argan oil and leaf extract (100% vegan & cruelty-free): the PURIFY ME gentle cleanser, the REVIE ME serum and the new natural DETOX ME mask I am fond of (fragrance-free, natural blue color).

I am very excited and happy to share an amazing opportunity with you. Get your DETOX TRIO 30% and plant 3 Argan Trees of Life! Head to and use my code FITMANDI at checkout. This offer is valid for the next 7 days.


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