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Healthy Holiday Tips

When I go home to visit my parents, I always overeat, even if it’s not during the holidays. My parents make me all my favorite dishes jammed packed into the short amount of time that I’m home. There’s just something about your mom’s cooking, not to mention you’re not the one who has to make it which is a great change of pace.

Do I regret overindulging during these times? Sometimes I do, other times I feel like it’s just a part of this healthy lifestyle I lead. Whatever your outlook is or how you want to spend your holiday, here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself and not stress out about staying on track during the holidays.

It’s a lifestyle.

Think of your goals over a month, year, or better yet, a lifespan. If the healthy lifestyle you lead involves eating healthy for 80% of the time, that doesn’t have to mean daily. Once day you might eat 100% clean and the next you might eat 60% clean, but it all equals out in the end. Think of your goals long-term during the holidays instead of on a day-to-day basis.

Don’t deprive yourself.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t eat something because this can easily lead to binge eating. If you consistently deprive yourself, when you do give in and allow yourself to have a treat, you’re likely to overindulge. If you let yourself enjoy treats in moderation, binging is less likely to happen. Plus, it’s not every day that your family blesses you with every type of cookie under the sun, so let yourself enjoy these treats.

Make your workouts count.

If you do choose to workout during the holidays, make your training sessions count! The two most time-effective ways to train are (1) HIIT workouts on cardio equipment or (2) circuit training with or without weights. There are so many exercises that require nothing more than just your bodyweight.

Don’t show up starving.

If your goal is to not overeat at your family gettogether, don’t show up starving! We all know it’s much harder to make good decisions when we are super hungry; we are just thinking about instant gratification and how eating will feel right now, and not in a couple hours. Remember to eat slowly and thoroughly chew your food to allow your body enough time to register that it’s satisfied.

Think ahead.

When you look back on the holidays next year, or even in a month’s time, what will you remember? Would it make you happier to know that you enjoyed yourself and let loose or will the memory of staying on track make you happier? There is nothing wrong with either option, it’s all personal preference. I challenge you to think of the last time you left a gettogether feeling disgustingly full. How long did those feelings of guilt last? I bet it wasn’t for more than a day or two. Think about that when making your decision. Remember, health is a product of both your mental and physical state. Spend your time doing what you want to and what you enjoy.

Get back on track.

The worst thing you can do is wallow in disappointment. So what you overate yesterday or for the past week? You did not blow it. It’s a lifestyle (refer to tip #1). Don’t compensate for overeating by starving yourself the next day. Instead, just get back on track. Don’t fall into patterns of overeating and undereating. This is not healthy and is highly detrimental to your metabolism.

Happy Holidays, Friends! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by all your loved ones. It’s not everyday we get days off and are able to be with our friends and family. Don’t forget to do what makes you happiest during these times. Safe travels!


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