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Resolutions that have Nothing to do with Losing Weight

We can all agree that the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. The truth is, your health involves so much more than your weight. Your body size and shape aren’t an exact representation of your health status. It’s great to pursue your healthiest self, but chasing weight loss isn’t always the best way to go.

With the new year right around the corner, consider some resolutions that don’t have to deal with losing weight, but focus on other parts of your health.

Prioritize sleep. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but even an extra 15 minutes a night would be ideal. Good sleep improves concentration and productivity, strengthens your immune system and can even help relieve depression and anxiety. Your mental health is something that you need to take charge of, if you haven’t already, and getting more sleep is a great place to start!

Establish a morning and night routine. Things like washing my face, flossing, moisturizing; I have an abundance of health and beauty items that I hardly use because I’m just too damn lazy. I sleep until the last second in the morning and when I get tired I go to sleep immediately. When I prioritize these things, I feel so well put-together and better about myself. I know I’m a creature of habit, so it won’t be terribly difficult to make this a routine!

Invest in self-care. Each month, I’m going to treat myself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, microdermabrasion, or something similar that makes me feel good. If it gives you confidence and makes you happy, it is more than worth it. You deserve to indulge in these things.

Practice positive self-talk. I am my own worst critic. All of the negative things that I think about myself on a daily basis are things that others don’t even notice about me. Why do we torture ourselves with negative self-talk? You won’t allow others to speak to you so rudely, so why allow yourself to? Start each morning with genuine compliments to yourself. Even if you don’t believe them quite yet, with time, you will.

Travel as much as possible. Travel might cost money, but it makes you richer. I have never regretted a single dollar I’ve spent on exploring this beautiful world we live in. Immerse yourself in cultures different than yours and surround yourself with people with different beliefs than yours. This is how you become a well-rounded, accepting human. I hope to leave my footprints in many more places this year.

This is YOUR year. Take charge of your life and become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.


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