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I Am Fasting For 24 While Traveling

I love to travel. Experiencing new cultures and connecting with others with different beliefs is what life is all about if you ask me. But if there is one thing I dislike about traveling, is how messed up my digestion gets, especially on days where I travel extensively.

Exercise is the number one way to keep my digestion on point and of course traveling translates to sitting for an extended period of time which translates to a slow digestive system which translates to constipation and so on. Like many others, being “backed-up” is one of the most uncomfortable feelings; I get cranky and it really makes me feel like a pile of garbage. I feel slow, sluggish, and low on energy. And of course when I land in my destination, it’ll be the morning time, so with a full day of activity ahead, I am taking advantage of my vacation and not wasting any precious time!

So how am I going to combat digestion issues and jet lag? Fasting. Will it help? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Any relief is a win in my book.

I did some research and it’s suggested that by fasting, the body’s internal clock is allowed to reset and turn back on with breakfast at the destination’s first meal. This may help decrease the effects of jet lag, increase energy, and avoid disruptions in metabolism associated with flying.

As for the digestive piece, it's quite common to have digestive issues in the dry, high-altitude environment in the air. Studies on flight crew members have illustrated that with the decrease in air pressure, there is an associated slowing of gastric motility and delay of digestion. By fasting, the gut will be relieved of its duties and the associated symptoms-like gastric reflux and bloating-may be avoided.

Stay tuned for the results of my little experiment.


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