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2022 FITNESS GOALS (that have nothing to do with the way I look)

I love New Year's Resolutions. I think they are inspiring and exciting and they can promote such healthy lifestyle changes.

My ultimate everyday goal that I am constantly striving for is happiness. It's most certainly not all about what my body looks like. It has everything to do with how I feel. I challenge you to set some fitness-related goals this year that have nothing to do with wanting to change the way your body looks. You are more than your weight or body fat percentage.

A majority of my fitness-related goals have to do with STRENGTH. Whenever you're setting a fitness goal at any point throughout the year, make them about performance.

  • Squat: 225 x 1

  • Squats: 135 x 8 (easy)

  • Bench: 135 x 8

  • Bench: 175 x 1

  • Dips: 10 bodyweight reps

  • Deadlifts: 225 x 1

  • OHP: 100 x 1

  • Rows: 135 x 8

  • Pull-Ups: 10 each grip

The rest of my fitness-related goals for the year are about daily habits. These are things I simply want to get better at.

  • Mobility: 3 10-minute sessions a week

  • 1-minute daily plank

  • 12 daily push-ups

  • Do the splits

  • Hold a handstand

None of the above goals have anything to do with directly wanting to change the way my body looks. They're all performance-based and they're coming from a place of wanting to get stronger and improve my skill in the gym. The thing is, if you focus on performance-based goals, the aesthetic piece will follow as a byproduct.

Tell me your 2022 goals!


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