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2023 Total Wellness Goals (resolution reset)

*this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx*

"Repeat after me: If it doesn't support my overall health, it's not for me!"

2023 is the year of overall wellness! I am speaking health and happiness into existence. When winter rolls around, our bodies can start to do some weird things. Our skin gets drier, our days get darker, our motivation tends to go out the window, but I'm here to help with top suggestions to support your health through the winter months.

SKIN & BEAUTY SUPPORT. Y'all know how much I LOVE skincare, but right now I am placing an extra emphasis on my body and face. This winter weather has my skin extremely dry, which is why Erin's Face's Tamanu Balm Barrier Salve is part of my pre-bedtime routine. It smells earthy and fresh and I love waking up to deeply moisturized and nourished skin.

I JUST WANT STRONG, HEALTHY HAIR AND NAILS. I've been speaking this into existence with taking BioSil's ch-OSA® is the only clinically proven supplement that generates and protects your own collagen, elastin, and keratin that’s backed by over 25 years and $20 million of research.When it comes to hair, skin, and nails, these three proteins are your BESTIES. Use BabbleBoxxBiosil2023 for 25% off a 1-month supply.

PHYSIOLOGICAL HEALTH SUPPORT. Being hydrated helps quite literally everything from digestion to the quality of your skin. In order to feel good and for our bodies to function optimally, we need to be hydrated with the proper balance of electrolytes and trace minerals (but without the added, artificial sugars). When plain water inevitably gets boring and you need an energy boost, spice it up with Ultima. Not only do these convenient little packets make hydration taste incredible, but it will help support your energy with loads of nutrients and electrolytes, free of sugar, carbs, and calories. Use bode BABBLE20 for 20% off (expires 1/31/2023).

On that note, let's talk about the one thing that can make or break how I feel each day - DIGESTION. I control what I can through my diet, hydration, and supplementation to support regular digestion. HUM's Flatter Me is an easy-to-take supplement before your main meals, and is made of digestive enzymes that help breakdown food for better digestion and can help manage bloating. Use code BABBLE30 for 30% off (expires February 22nd).

WELLNESS SUPPORT. Control what I can - that is all I can do. So when it comes to traveling, events, shopping, or the gym, I do my best to protect my wellness with convenient Travel Essentials by PlaneAire. Highly trafficked places can feel a bit overwhelming these days, but I control what I can by cleaning everywhere I go. From airplane seats to the leg extension machine at the gym, I sanitized before and after with cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. Use code fitbymandi for 10% off you're entire cart through February 15th (one-time use, cannot be combined with other offers).


Let me help you! Apply for coaching by sending an email to or DM me on Instagram (@fit.bymandi). SO excited to help you become the healthiest and happiest you!


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