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BEATING BOREDOM DURING CARDIO | how to make walking more enjoyable

Last week I (hopefully) convinced you that walking is medicine in THE POWER OF WALKING | walking everyday to change your life. Walking trumps all forms of cardio in my opinion because of its profound health benefits, its customizability, and the fact that we all do it even when it's not for exercise.

I can't stop won't stop with the recommendation for daily walks. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My mental health, my physical health, my emotional health - I am able to manage all aspects of my health better with daily walks. This is my #1 piece of advice to anyone and everyone.

It doesn't take much concentration or skill to walk (for most of us if we are lucky), meaning we can easily multitask to stay engaged. There are so many ways to make our walks more enjoyable.


DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! Get a solid pair of walking shoes. Wear your sunscreen. Get a hydration pack. Invest in winterwear.


MEDITATE! Use it as a mindfulness practice. Be in the moment. Experience all the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Breathe. I recommend to download the app Insight Timer for free meditation guides.

LEARN! Listen to an audiobook. Listen to a good podcast. Facetime with a friend. My favorite podcasts to listen to are Mind Pump, Crime Junkie, Girls Gotta Eat, and Call Her Daddy. I swear by my AirPods for earbuds.

MAKE IT ROUTINE! Do it at the same time(s) every single day. Attaching it to daily activities like taking a lunch break, eating your meals, waking up & winding down for the day, will help you make it a part of your daily life. Take a walk first thing in the morning. Take a walk after dinner. Use your lunch break to get some fresh air and steps.

GET A FITBIT! A tracking device can help motivate you and hold you accountable. I recommend the Fitbit Versa 3.

WALKING PARTNER! Whenever someone asks me to hang out, I usually suggest we go for a walk. It's a great way to get some movement and catch up. Go for a post-dinner walk with your partner to spend quality time together.

"The best part about walking is that sometimes you don't even do it specifically for exercise."

  1. Consider walking instead of driving to run errands. If you're lucky enough to live near things like banks, stores, grocery stores, you can walk with a backpack to run these errands.

  2. Consider a walk or hike instead of a lunch date. Quality time to catch up with a friend and fresh air is a win-win. You'll be talking so much it won't even feel like exercise.

  3. Consider parking further away. If you're out shopping or at work, park further away. Walk from store to store instead of driving when they're nearby.

  4. Consider hoping on public transportation a stop further away and/or get off a stop early to get some extra steps.

  5. Go shopping! Instead of using delivery or curbside pick ups, browse the aisles yourself. I've reached my step goal before from an afternoon shopping.

Even those days where you desperately don't feel like going to the gym or you feel run down mentally and physically, go for a walk. Movement is medicine.


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