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Benefits of a Gym Bestie | like-minded people will help you reach your goals

I cannot communicate in words how much having gym friends has changed my life. Having people who understand and share the same love for training is unmatched and will help you reach your fitness goals, help educate you, and support you through it all.

You push each other (in a healthy, non-competitive way). A gym bestie hyping you up will deter you from just going through the motions. They'll push you to your max (not theirs).

You teach each other things. By talking about our workouts, techniques and cues, what we hear on Mind Pump or see KKfit post - we are constantly learning together.

You motivate each other. Real life fitspos are unmatched - watching your friend evolve in real life is a whole different level and makes you think "they're just like me and I can do this too!"

You hold each other accountable. Seeing each other's progress and hearing each other's wins for the day are enough to get your ass in gear on those days you just don’t feel like putting in the work.

You're there to celebrate each others wins. They understand the hard work that goes into reaching fitness goals, so their love & support means the most. When you're proud of yourself, having someone share in that proudness is an incredible feeling.

You're there to support them through the bad days. Having someone to vent to who can understand you completely when it comes to your gym struggles is a game-changer. Support each other through the storm and know that this is just a part of the process.


Let me help you! Apply for coaching by sending an email to or DM me on Instagram (@fit.bymandi). SO excited to help you become the healthiest and happiest you!


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