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CALMING MY ADHD MIND | natural things that bring me peace

As someone with ADHD, I have an extremely hard time regulating my emotions. I can go from 0 to 100 back to 0 real quick. Throughout each day, I fluctuate between highs and lows constantly. Over the years as I've been learning how to best deal with it, I've made a list of some constants - some things that help me, that calm me, that make me feel at peace.

Of course therapy and medication has helped me and continues to help me immensely. But there are simple things I can do that don't require money or putting anything into my body; things I can do on my own time at any time. These are things I can take some time to do when I'm feeling overwhelmed. These things make my mind feel at ease.

Fresh Air


Quality Time with Loved Ones


Consistent Sleep

Meaningful Conversations

Future Planning + Dreaming


Decluttering + Cleaning


Deep Breathing Exercises

Intimate Connection with My Partner


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