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EXERCISE | Why More is Not Always Better

More is not always better.

You're super motivated. You're willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight. So you adopt the mindset that the more extreme you go, the quicker you'll get to your desired outcome. You're going to go hard on the cardio sessions, doing more than you were prescribed to do. And you're going to cut your calories dramatically. "I'll get to where I want to be in no time!".

But here's the thing. Just like everything else, there is an optimal amount. There is a sweet spot. There exists the perfect frequency, intensity, duration, and type of physical activity that will best support your goals. And believe me when I say that more is not better.

For example, let's consider a meal. You're hungry so you eat. You could not quite eat enough so you're still hungry and feel low on energy, you could overeat and become far too full and feel groggy, or you could eat just enough so that you're satisfied and properly refueled. The same is true for exercise.

More exercise is not always the answer.

Cutting calories is not always the answer.

(Especially when we are talking about the two together!)

Our bodies are so good at adapting to what we throw at them. That is quite literally their job--to survive! Building muscle is our body's adaptation to lifting weights. So it makes sense that after some time, the same action will not produce the same result.

My favorite podcast hosts (@mindpumpmedia) says it best, "Do as least as possible to elicit the most amount of change."


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