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Health, Heat, and Humidity | How I Stay Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Healthy in the Summer

*This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx*

Oof. It has been a hot and humid summer. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’m definitely made for cooler weather. Though the seasons change, maintaining my physical, mental, and emotional health all times of the year remains my top priority. Summertime brings its own unique challenges, mostly from excess sweating that affects my hydration, motivation to move, and my skin health. Here are my Summer 2021 recommendations to BEAT THE HEAT!

EVERYDAY MOVEMENT. “I walk A LOT” is an understatement. My sedentary work schedule combined with my need for physical activity every few hours, has me going on 3-4 walks a day. In addition to being on my feet during my walks, I choose to stand all day as opposed to sitting in front of my computer. By the end of the day, I found that my feet and knees were exhausted. My physical therapist boyfriend suggested I get insoles from Superfeet. Superfeet Insoles fit perfectly into my sneakers and provide personalized comfort and support by molding to my feet. Talk about pain relief for my tired, aching, active feet!

HEALTHY HYDRATION. We all know drinking water is important, especially after losing what seems like every ounce of sweat in your body during a workout. The problem is, sometimes water can get boring after a while. That’s why I started using HALO On-The-Go Hydration Powders. Not only is the burst of flavor satisfying in both the lemonade and pink lemonade flavors, but these electrolyte powders will also replenish your body after intense sweating, all at the expense of only 15 calories and 1g of sugar. Shop here and use code HALO20 for 20% off.

EXPAND YOUR MIND. One of my many goals for this year is to read a new book every month and one of my favorite things are summer nights, so naturally, I take my summer reading outside (with a book light of course). Everywhere I go, I have a book in my bag. My latest read and recommendation is The Secret Keeper of Jaipur by Alka Joshi. It takes a special kind of book to keep me engaged, but I was captivated by the story telling right from Chapter 1.

SKINCARE. My skin needs some extra love in the summertime. Between several bouts of sweating upon leaving the AC, I have the constant urge to wash my face to rid of debris from environmental factors. I started using a line of face scrubs by Tree Hut 2-3 times a week that deeply purify, hydrate, nourish, and brighten my skin. There is not much more refreshing that getting home from an intense working, dripping in sweat, and feeling the purifying experience of Tree Hut Face Scrubs. They come in 4 satisfying scents and specialties: Hydrating Watermelon & Cactus Water Sugar, Brightening Pineapple & Papaya, Purifying Blueberry & Turmeric, and Nourishing Banana & Oat.

NATURAL BEAUTY. The older I get, the more I committed I am to live a natural lifestyle. This means I try to be as green as possible and make sure whatever I am putting into or onto my body is clean and cruelty-free. When my skin inevitably acts up during the summer, I find that the Blemish Control trio from Sky Organics helps tame my problem areas. The Blemish Control Clarifying Facial Toner, Bentonite Clay Detox Mask, and Spot Treatment help refresh my pores, reduce excess oils, improve the appearance of blemishes.


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