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How I Got Leaner and Stronger By Doing Less

2.5 years. Same weight. What changed?

I went from training 6 days a week to 4 and I have progressed to a place I've never been before.


I made myself a workout plan and I follow it. I stopped switching up exercises constantly, doing the latest Instagram-inspired movements and learned to stick with the basics. I focus on form. I push myself. I change up reps and sets, pushing weight. I prioritize compound lifts every single workout. I work on making that mind-to-muscle connection. When you train less, your workouts can consist of more compound lifts, the most effective exercises. When you train less, you're more likely to have better workouts because you won't be so burnt out.


I have a weekly plan. Of course I almost always get my workouts in, but I'm WAY less obsessive. Instead of getting distraught and crabby if training becomes inconvenient or impossible, I accept it. I look at it through a positive lense. Maybe my body could use the extra time to rest and recover and I can push myself on my next lift. If anything, it makes me extra excited to train again. Plus, when you only train 4 days a week, it's less likely you'll have to miss a session.


Tracking macros is a very useful tool and I still use it! I remember being unhealthily addicting to it, though, to the point where if I 'messed up', I would stop tracking the rest of the day, eat whatever I wanted, and start again the next day. It was a vicious cycle. You need to be strict and dedicated to reach your goals, but learning how to do with the inevitable imperfections is vital. Because I'm less obsessive with tracking, food doesn't stress me out like it used to. Less stress has played a huge role in maintaining a leaner physique, too.

I've learned to control what I can, and let go of the things I cannot control. I do the best I can. I accept that I am where I am because of my actions. I am the result of my actions. These thoughts take a lot of stress out of life surrounding my relationship with exercise and nutrition.


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