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How to Avoid Sickness

SLEEP. This should be your number one priority always, but especially right now. Quality sleep will help your body fight germs that it’s exposed to. Lack of sleep also will determine how fast you recover if you do get sick. For all of you who work from home, use the extra ‘commute time’ to sleep in to the last possible second to maximize your sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. The bottom line is not enough quality sleep = a weak immune system.

STAY HOME. If you have a job that is accommodating, there is truly no need to leave the house every day. One of the main issues right now is that sick people are out and about contaminating everything in their path, and they may not even know that they are carrying a virus. How scary is that? Minimize the time outside of your house.

SUNSHINE. Get your vitamin D. Part of the reason why flu season is during the winter is because the lack of sun and therefore vitamin D. Not only this, but try to tell me that some time in the sun doesn’t instantly make you feel happier? My advice? Go for at least 1 20-minute walk outside every day (preferably in a non-busy neighborhood). WALKING IS SO POWERFUL.

STAY ACTIVE. Regular exercise is important for more than just staying thin. It reduces stress, increases the circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells, and enhances your mental health; all things that are increasingly important during a pandemic. There are LOADS of exercises that can be done with just your bodyweight. Perhaps invest in a paid of dumbbells, some resistance bands, or hip circles so you’re able to do even more exercises.

EAT NUTRITOUS, COLORFUL FOODS. Vitamin C can help your body ward off colds and flus. Leafy greens provide loads of nutrients that will help the body effectively execute its day-to-day functions. Why not feed our bodies the things they crave to help them function optimally?

SOCIAL DISTANCING. Again, stay home. Just because you or your friend don’t feel sick, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t carrying a virus and could pass it along to others. My homebody self is thriving right now.

STAY HYDRATED. Water is life. It also helps to wash germs and viruses out of your immune system.

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE. This is something that shouldn’t have to addressed. Wash your hands, shower daily, cut your fingernails, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing (or in general if you’re sick), don’t touch your face, AND stay at an arm’s length from coworkers.


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