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How to Self-Care (for free!)

Self-care is the greatest service you can give to yourself and others. At the end of the day, there is nobody who knows you better than you do. There is nobody who is more in-tune with your constant, thoughts, feelings, and emotions than you. It may seem dark, but nobody will truly prioritize your well-being and happiness more than you. You are doing a disservice to others when you don’t take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health because you are limited in energy you serve to the world if you don’t fill yourself up first.

A day at the spa, going on vacation, buying a new outfit – these things certainly are forms of self-care. They all bring a sense of peace and happiness in the moment, but these aren’t things that are feasible on a daily basis. These are things that require money and planning.

Care for yourself daily. Care for yourself for free. Care for yourself at home. Consider your long-term


Cutting Ties to Toxic Relationships

Learning About Yourself

Saying No

Sleeping In

Setting Boundaries

Going to Bed Early

Get Outside

Lay in the Sun

Vent to a Friend/Therapist


Slow Down


Dress Up for Fun

Explore Your Own City




Practice Gratitude

Go on a Relaxing Stroll

Connect with a Loved One

Learn Something New

Listen to a podcast


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