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Keeping Up the Momentum

2021 is well underway. As we enter week 4 of the new year, it becomes evident to many of us that it’s just another year—nothing magical has happened to drastically change our lives for the better. The motivation we felt to accomplish our goals at the beginning of the month has almost all vanished. Now what?

FOCUS ON HOW YOU FEEL. I’ve said it time and time again; the only way you will fully commit to a lifestyle change is if it’s for positive, uplifting reasons—feeling your best. Motivation shouldn’t come from a negative place (i.e. wanting to change your body/the way you look) will encourage a bad relationship with food and exercise. When you focus on how eating well makes you FEEL and how consistent workouts make you FEEL mentally, physically, and emotionally, that’s when real lifestyle change will happen. Pay attention to your energy levels, the quality of your sleep, your mood—these are the things that, when improved, will implicitly instill more motivation in your everyday life.

REALIZE NOTHING CHANGES UNLESS YOU DO. Another year, another failed attempt at that healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of for years because you’re really hoping that something about this year will bring you enough motivation to stick to it. I’m here to tell you that it will NEVER happen. Changing your habits, the things you do every single day, the automatic thoughts you have—this all takes so much conscious effort throughout each and every day. You need to CHOOSE it every single day from the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep.

ENVISION YOURSELF 1 MONTH FROM NOW. You could be in exactly the same place you are right now, or you could be 1 month in. You decide.

CHANGE ONE SMALL THING A WEEK. Have you realized that your list of healthy changes you’ve set for yourself are unrealistic and overwhelming and maybe even make you feel like a failure because you’re not adhering to them? I STILL do this with my resolutions. Try changing one simple thing a week. One small, fairly easy habit to get you headed in the right direction. Setting smaller, more accomplishable goals will also make you feel great about yourself and your success, motivating you to take on more and more. Simple ways to start:

  • Chug a glass of water first thing in the morning

  • Increase your water intake

  • Go for 1 15-minute walk a day

  • Go to bed 30 minute earlier

  • Do 10 push-ups a day

VOCALIZE YOUR GOALS. Accountability is huge. Many times, we just write down our goals, if that. Making a list is a great place to start. There is something so powerful to go as far as speaking these goals into existence, whether that be to yourself or to another person. As I’m sitting here on Sunday morning stressed out about the upcoming week due to my busy season as work, I’ve said out loud, “It’s going to be a good week. I am going to get through it and be on the other side so soon. This is such a small part of my time. It’s just a job.” Speak these things into existence!


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