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MY PRE-WORKOUT ROUTINE | Set Yourself Up for a Good Workout

As humans, we thrive on routine. Ritualizing can make us value things more. Pre-workout rituals are no different.

PLAN THE WORKOUT. Always go into a workout with a plan because if you don't, you likely will not make the most of your time. I tend to do less sets, reps, and exercises when I don't have a written-out program. I sell myself short with the weight I use as well. Keeping track of all of this ensures that I can progress each week. I'm the kind of person where if it's written down, I will do it, but if it's just in my head, I can talk myself out of doing it.

SUPPLEMENTS. I always take my Myprotein pre-workout 30 minutes before I start my lift. I mix 1/2 scoop THE Pre-Workout with 1 scoop of Creatine Monohydrate and water. It's super tasty and it gets me excited and energized for my workout. I wouldn't recommend taking an entire scoop of pre-workout right off the bat. Start with 1/2 scoop and go from there. There's 75g of caffeine in a 1/2 scoop and it helps improve my focus and performance. I also feel like these supplements contribute to a nice muscle pump. Use code MANDIVIP for a discount on all things Myprotein. *Supplements are not necessary*.

GET DRESSED. Wear something that you feel confident in! I can't stress this enough. The last thing you want to do is take focus away from your training session to stress over how your butt looks or if you have sweat stains on your leggings. Wear something comfortable. And same with your hair! Put that sh*t up get it out of your face. Oh, and we need to talk about your choice of footwear. Flat-soled shoes like converse or vans are vital, especially for lower body days. Avoid chunky sneakers with thick soles. When I train at home, I even go barefoot.

WARM UP. My warm-up usually takes 10-20 minutes. The first half is typically some dynamic stretching and mobility work. Bodyweight movements like inchworms, active pigeon stretch, and cat-cow get my wrists, hips, ankles, and everything in between activated. Next, I move into banded or lightweight exercises. I do things like pause squats, single-leg RDLs, push-ups, and pull-a-parts. I do the same routine regardless of which body part(s) I'm training that day. The intention of each movement is absolutely EVERYTHING. Every moment is done slowly and controlled throughout. I work on squeezing each muscle being worked to really make that mind-to-muscle connection prior to lifting any weight in order to maximize each lift.

In addition, if I workout first thing in the morning, I do go for a short walk prior to starting my warm-up and lift. This gets my muscles and heart stimulated, but if I workout later in the day, I've already done plenty of walking and movement, so I don't need to do a cardio warm-up.



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