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NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS | why I love them

I think of New Year's Resolutions just like goals and wishes for the direction in which I'd like my life to go, kind of like a vision board! I make a list of things I want to accomplish, however big or small, and I use it to look back on during the year to monitor if I'm moving in the right direction or just staying stagnant.

I set resolutions of all kinds - some big, some small, some daily tasks, some goals that will take months to achieve, some that are super simple and highly achievable, others that are slightly far-fetched that I've been dreaming of for awhile.

A lot of people hate New Year's Resolutions because the majority of people fail after only a few weeks, if that long. I get it, it's hard to watch people latch on to motivation and then fall off the wagon because motivation itself is not going to be enough to get you from point A to point B sustainably.

However, it is enough to get some people started and that in itself holds a lot of value. Finding the 'right' time to start new habits or change your life will never exist. Though I don't necessarily think starting is the hardest part (I think maintain results in the hardest part), I do know that it is a barrier for lot of people. That is why my advice is always to start now because there is no better time.

The whole idea of it being a new year, a fresh start, the most Monday-est Monday in existence seems like if there would ever be a perfect time, it would be this. I feel the same exact way - a new week or month or year is super inspiring. And this motivation surrounding "new year, new you" could be the starting force that will propel you into sustainable changes, healthy habit after health habit, throughout the entire year.

I think of it like supplements or a new workout outfit; It's not the pills or the new leggings that are physiologically helping you, it's the feelings that these things spark inside of you to do your best and work towards your goals. Sometimes this momentum to start is exactly what you need to commit to your goals for good.

Motivation is never enough in the long haul. It will come and go over and over, so it can't be relied on. The only way to make it happen is to apply consistency and dedication every single day. But again, sometimes the motivation of a new year is enough to get you fired up and well on your way, and the commitment and dedication will follow.


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