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OUTDOOR ADVENTURES | get outdoors & get healthy!

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The older I get, the more I realize just how much my mood and mental health depends on the weather. Born and raised in the Midwest, I soak up every second of warm air and sunshine that Wisconsin has to offer in the summer months. From meals, to quality time with my partner, to exercise, prioritizing outdoor time in the sun and fresh air clears my mind and makes me a healthier and happier human.

GET ACTIVE OUTSIDE! There are infinite adventures to be had right outside your front door.

MOVE YOUR BODY! You don't need to be a runner if you hate running, but there is movement for everyone. The Workout Bucket List is a motivating and inspiring book with over 300 unique ways to move your body. It's a perfect summer read, especially if you need a creative boost! Some of my favorite things do to include throwing a frisbee, playing catch, walking, and running.

PRO TIP: always have a convenient snack in your bag because sunlight and movement will make you hungry. My favorite easy snack is a CORE Bar - just grab it from the fridge on the way out and enjoy a refreshing, gut-healthy, probiotic snack. Be sure to pack plenty of liquids, too, regardless of how long you're outside. When plain water gets boring and you need an energy boost, spice it up with EcoDrink Naturals from Lily of the Desert. Not only do these convenient little packets make hydration taste incredible, but it will help support your energy with loads of nutrients and electrolytes.

On the topic of food, one of my favorite ways to spend quality time in nature is having a picnic with my partner. Sharing time and food in the park definitely brings up closer together. SOLO is an absolute must for picnics - the quality of SOLO Cups and SOLO Paper Plates is unmatched. What is worse than filling your plate with delicious food just for the plate to either crack in half or soak through? One less thing to worry about by using SOLO.

Another HUGE recommendation for your outdoor endeavors is a pair of versatile indoor/outdoor slip-on shoes from Staheekum. The ability to wear these slippers inside and outside is a game-changer. Wear them to get the mail or to spend time on the patio. Wear them to walk to the park, so it's easy to kick them on and off while playing sports or relaxing in the grass. Slip them on for quick errands. They're SO COMFORTABLE and cute and you can feel good about your purchase because Staheekum plants a tree for every item sold. Get 10% with code BBOXX22.

The skincare enthusiast that I am would also like to remind you to care for your skin always, especially when exposed to the elements. Did you know that Aloe Vera hydrating after-sun care and it's not just for when you have a sunburn? I recommend Lily of the Desert's 99% Aloe Vera Gelly for your after-sun skin care routine.


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