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SEASONAL DEPRESSION X FITNESS | motivation to workout through the darkness

I STRUGGLE WITH SEASONAL DEPRESSION. Well, I struggle year-around for sure, but the changing of seasons, cold weather, and lack of sunlight influence my mental state greatly. I can't say I struggle to get to the gym, because to me, it's not really up for debate, but I can say that my desire to go isn't at an all-time high when it's dark out before I even finish working.

Honestly, what else is there to do when it gets dark at 4pm? This is definitely my fitness-based mind chiming in, but truly, either I'm going to sit on the couch when I finish work and stay there all night, or I am going to go to the gym and then will promptly sit on the couch the rest of the night upon my return home.

To sum it up, either I:

  • Sit on the couch all night and feel lazy.

  • Gym and then sit on the couch an appropriate amount that doesn't make me feel lazy.

Envision yourself after the workout. Think about how good you'll feel. You'll still get home. You'll still get to have dinner and enjoy some time with your significant other, kids, or pet(s). You'll have a massive sense of accomplishment. There is literally no scenario I can think of where you'd get home and think , "damn, I wish I would have just stayed home." Can you?

It all comes down to, identifying your true 'why'.

I mean, the gym isn't just a place to workout. It is 'you' time. It is the time you dedicate to yourself, to work on yourself and your health because you are worth it. It is time where you set your problems aside and focus on being in the moment. It is a social outing. It is a time to talk to like-minded people who are also working on themselves. It is time to relieve your mental health, stressors, and anxieties. It is a time to push yourself and feel confident and accomplished.

The good news is, you WILL adjust to the changing environment. It takes some time, but it won't be as draining as it feels right now. You are one workout a way from a better mood.


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