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Springing into a Healthy New Season

*This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx*

Spring has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be

more excited about it. Along with a new season comes new goals, new habits, and new priorities. Mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness is always the goal, but how to get bring total wellness to fruition can change with the seasons. Read on and join me in becoming our best selves this spring.

Priority #1: Fuel My Body with Nutrients It Needs to Thrive

Eat a Salad Daily. We all know that leafy

greens provide our bodies with tons of essential nutrients that makes us look and feel our best, but often times salads can be boring and not flavorful; that is if you’re not using a healthy salad dressing to spice things up! I’ve been loving Healthy Choice Power Dressings because they’re full of powerful ingredients without any artificial flavors. They come in 4 delicious flavors—Creamy Ranch, Greener Goddess, Creamy Italian, and Garden French which are all 45 calories per serving or less. Not a fan of leafy greens? Try using these as a dip for your veggies—perfect life hack!

Increase My Protein Intake. I’ve staying hydrated and getting 9g of protein in within the first few minutes of my day. How? Simply Collagen from Pink Products makes this more convenient than ever. They’re individualized packets that are on-the-go friendly; an absolute must for my gym bag and snack stash at work. My favorite part about this collagen supplement is that it is unflavored, and is easily mixable into anything (yes, even coffee). Add it to your water first thing in the morning like me! Use code 20SHAREPINK for 20% off.

Amp Up My Health. If a supplement comes in gummy form, there is an alarmingly higher chance that I will adapt to this habit in no time. I’ve been taking Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies from Nature’s Truth and have been enjoying everything about it. ACV has such a strong taste, but these gummy vitamins taste like candy without any artificial flavorings. Amp up your health with all the benefits of ACV.

Priority #2: Get Active Outside

Walk 60 Minutes Daily. There is something about being out in the fresh air by myself, listening to an inspiring podcast with my Aeropex from Aftershokz. Especially with the weather getting warmer, Aeropex headphones are ideal because they are an open ear listening method that uses bone conduction technology—how cool is that? I have had a hard time finding headphones that work with my ears and stay in place during activity without a wire bobbing around, but these pass the test with flying colors, not to mention the fact that I feel so much more at ease while being out and about because of the awareness I have to my surroundsings while I listen. Take 15% off until 5/15/2020 when visiting AfterShokz’s website.

Run Twice a Week. Me running, imagine

that! My form is slowly, but surely getting better and the blisters are few and far between now that I’m wearing my Compression Socks from No Nonsense. As someone who used to be an avid runner back in the day, please believe me when I say that the socks and shoes choice make a world of difference! I prefer compression socks because they’re a bit thicker and add a bit of arch support to rejuvenate the feet. If you have a thicker running shoe, go with the crew style socks to prevent rubbing on your ankle. (Don’t worry, the come in no show too!).

10,000 Steps Daily. Whether I am walking, running, or simply cleaning and organizing, I am being held accountable by my Suunto 7 Smartwatch to be active every single day. Physical activity makes me feel good inside and out; no matter what your interests are, there is a way to move your body in forms that you can enjoy. Better yet, your Suunto Smartwatch can track it with over 70 sport modes. I’ve never seen a more stylish watch, let alone able to monitor your heart rate on your run while simultaneously checking your messages and calls all while the onboard GPS is tracking your route. I spy much, much more hiking in my near future.

Priority #3: Make Mental Gains

Read More. And by read more, I mean read non-fiction books to help me tune into my

spiritual health. My top pick right now is Ignite Your Light from Running Press. It’s a “sunrise-to-Moonlight Guide to Feeling Joyful, Resilient, and Lit from Within” by Jolene Hart that I’ve only just begun but I can already tell that it is going to completely transform my daily energy. This new season is all about mental and physical wellness, which is so much more then eating spinach and doing squats. If you’re also in need of inspiration for finding joy in every day, for mindfulness and self-care routines, or even for releasing negative energy and bad habits, check out Ignite Your Light.

Self-Care Routine. Daily routines help me feel accomplished, which bleeds into my attitude that I approach everyday life with. Maintaining healthy routines like a skincare routine, not only make my skin look phenomenal, but my mental health thrives. Especially with spending more time in the sun, I am sure to protect my skin with LiftActiv Peptide-C Sunscreen from Vichy. It’s an anti-aging sunscreen that makes my skin feel soft, bright, and moisturized. Friends, please protect your skin if you’re not already. It’s the largest organ of the body so treat it as such.

All my love, xoxoxo.