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The Importance of Maintaining Routine

Having a to-do list and tackling all that’s on it leads to a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment will bleed into your attitude for the rest of the day, night, and even week. The more you feel like you’re getting done, the more likely you will feel worthy to take on bigger and better goals.

Perhaps the most important thing to mention that having a routine does for us is that it creates structure in our life which does wonders for our mental health. Have you ever been so busy and think to yourself that you would kill for a week off to just do nothing but lay in bed? But then a day or two into doing absolutely nothing you realize that it doesn’t make you happy either? Because same. It seems like the more I have to do and the busier I am, the happier I am because I feel accomplished. It gives my day-to-day life purpose.

Routine makes us more efficient. We don’t waste time thinking about what we need to do next—it becomes automatic. Think about things like brushing your teeth and washing your face in the morning, these are things you do without contemplation because we are just so used to doing them. Now imagine a life where you have your routine down to a T; the efficiency and productivity would be through the roof. Time is our most valuable resource and by reducing procrastination and time deciding on what to do next, we are maximizing our day.

Habits and routine are synonymous—they both become automatic when you adapt to them. It’s easier to stick to something that you do religiously every single day. It’s kind of the reason why going back to work after a long 3-day weekend is always so painful, or why you can’t stick to a flossing regime unless you commit to it every night.

This topic is something that I feel strongly about, especially right now while Safer At Home orders are still in place. Without much change in environment, we can be tempted to sit in sweats all day and our productivity can dwindle. Stick to your routine as if you were still physically leaving your house to go to work. Still get up at 6am, get your workout in, go for a walk, make breakfast, do your skincare routine—the whole works, because in a time where things are drastically changing and nothing is for certain, maintaining what you’re in control of is vital.


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