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THE POWER OF WALKING | a simple way to become a healthier you

Physical activity doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, do you want to know the number one thing I recommend to anyone who wants to get healthier? WALKING! Do you want to know the sort of exercising that I do more than anything else? WALKING!

Walking is so powerful. Walking offers endless health benefits for your body and mind, regardless of your fitness level or age. The best thing about walking is it's feasible for just about everyone! All you need is a pair of decent walking shoes and a safe place to explore. You can go as slow or fast as you'd like, as long or short as you'd like. It's completely customizable to your fitness level, desire, and time constraint.

Getting healthier and losing weight is simple, but not easy. Walking is simple and can be easy. I find walking quite relaxing, meditative, and refreshing. It has profound effects on my mental health that I truly couldn't keep my head afloat without.


Increase energy levels

Enhance mood

Improve productivity

Improve memory

Improve sleep

Reduce stress

Promotes better digestion

Strengthen muscles and bones

Improve muscle endurance

Improve cardiovascular health

Maintain a healthy weight

Lose body fat

Prevent and manage some chronic disease

Eases some pain/soreness

Boost immune function

Extend your life

Even those days where you desperately don't feel like going to the gym or you feel run down mentally and physically, go for a walk. Movement is medicine.


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