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Things I’ve Learned About Myself in 2020

There will always be things in life that are less than ideal – literally every single day could be a battle if that’s how you choose to view events and react to them. In the midst of a year full of undesirable, disheartening events, I’ve managed to maintain a positive mentality (most of the time) and have grown a lot personally.

I’ve learned…

  • If it makes me happy, no one else needs to understand.

  • I am a lot stronger mentally and emotionally that I thought I was.

  • I am happier when I prioritize time with friends.

  • Self-awareness is my strong suit.

  • I apologize way too much.

  • Lazy days are essential for my well-being.

  • My health encompasses equal parts exercise, nutrition, sleep, and relationships. If any are lacking, I’m not at my best.

  • There’s not much a long walk (or a good cry) can’t fix.

  • I will not get fat if I stop tracking my macros.

  • Feeling sorry for myself fixes nothing.

…about myself.

2020 was a year of simply trying to keep our heads afloat and our mental health tolerable. Here is to another year of expanding our mental and physical strength and well-being.


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