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Why Your Body Isn't Changing

*to be clear, the goal of working out does not have to be to change your body*

But in the event that you're someone who has physique goals, this is for you! Take it from someone who spent 5+ years stuck in the same place.

Your programming isn't good. You don't progress in your training because you aren't doing the same program for several weeks and don't track your workouts, weights, reps, sets, etc.

You're not actually pushing yourself in the gym. Simply going through the motions will only get you so far. You're stronger than you think you are.

You're constantly dieting. Your body has adapted to low calories (slower metabolism) because you have the mindset that calorie restriction is the way to get to your goals.

You are scared of gaining weight.

The weight on the scale doesn't have a direct correlation to whether your body is progressing or not. Your "physique goal" likely weighs more than you think.

You don't prioritize weight training. Cardio and HIIT are great for heart health, but not for building muscle, losing body fat long term, and changing your body composition.

You let the scale dictate how you eat, train, and feel. Focus on how you feel internally and let that guide your training and nutrition.

You don't prioritize sleep. Your body is never in an optimal state and is never fully recovered, making fat loss and muscle building on the bottom of your body's priority list.

You are impatient. You expect results after a few weeks and keep changing things up because you don't see change fast enough.


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