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WINTER WELLNESS | loving yourself from head to toe

*this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx*

Let’s face it, when winter rolls around, our bodies can start to do some weird things. The dry air can quite literally dry out our skin until it cracks. The brisk air can feel like a knife in your throat when you’re just breathing. WHY, WINTER?! I’m just like you when it comes to experiencing all these glorious imperfections that we are faced with, but I have some tips on how to help!

BODY LOVE. My skin needs some extra love in the wintertime. Because I'm constantly bundled up, it really never sees the light of day and isn't able to breathe as well as the summertime. A natural glow from head to toe is more difficult to maintain during the winter, but Tree Hut Sugar Plum Berries Shea Sugar Scrub makes it possible. It exfoliates away dead skin and its natural oils help prevent dryness by promoting hydration. It's like a spa at home! I use it every other day in the shower.

MIND LOVE. My winter book recommendation is The Witchy Homestead by Nikki Van De Car (from Running Press). I've been on a mindfulness journey since the beginning of the year, and this read has helped me get more in-tune with myself and to look at the world through a different, more natural lens. I found value in considering suggestions for relying on myself and the land for more. It's a wholesome read that supports wellness in your mind, body, and spirit. I finished this book in 2 days, which is saying a lot for a girl with a very short attention span.

INTIMATE LOVE. I should have talked about this way sooner because I've been using it daily for years, but friends, if you're not using Summer's Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash, what are you doing? My showers are not complete without it. It's dermatologist and gynecologist-tested designed for sensitive skin around the external vagina area. Summer's Eve intimate wash will provide a long-lasting sense of freshness that I don't experience with any normal body wash or soap.

FACE LOVE. I thought I was more prone to acne in the summer because of sweating, but SURPRISE! My skin has been more problematic than every with winter rolling around. I've been using 2 different solutions from the new and improved Oxy Skincare line: Advanced Care Maximum Strength Acne Cleanser with Prebiotics and Advanced Care Maximum Strength Rapid Spot Treatment with Prebiotics. The added prebiotics restore a healthy, balanced microbiome and strengthen the skin barrier. Both are dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, and not tested on animals. It's the perfect duo to help prevent acne and to clear it up effectively when it does inevitably pop up. You can use code "Babble" for 25% off your order plus free shipping through 12/31/2021. You're welcome!

LIPS LOVE. The changing of weather from fall to winter usually results in a few changes in my body. I tend to get a cold from the new temperatures outside and to top it off, I often get a nice little cold sore as a result. Cold sores are quite painful and unfortunately, quite common. Herpecin L can help with that! Not only is it formulated to help treat, protect and relieve cold sores, but it also promotes healing and hydration for your lips as well. I’m SO excited to not have cracked lips all winter. Though I’ve only used it to protect my lips from dryness and cracking so far this year, I know that when I inevitably get my yearly, painful cold sore, I will be fully prepared.

SKIN LOVE. A major part of me that needs extra love in the winter months - my skin, specifically areas prone to becoming extremely dry like my cuticles, my hands, my feet, and my elbows. Flexitol Dry Skin Cream is designed for those of us who suffer from dry, cracked, chapped skin (if you haven't experienced this or don't know what I'm talking about, GOOD FOR YOU!) This nourishing cream can be used anywhere on your body that needs some extra love. I use it nightly on my feet and hands, right before bed. Talk about a great self-care routine!


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