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Wintertime Workouts | Breathe Right

*this post is sponsored by on behalf of Breathe Right®* #ad

Wintertime nasal congestion – something I, and many others, deal with. As a very active, health-conscious individual, the feeling of not being able to breathe as easily as I know I could, really puts a damper on my perceived exertion of exercise. And when I’m not able to exercise the way I want to, I’m not a happy girl mentally or physically.

During the winter months, my go-to use for Breathe Right® nasal strips is for outdoor activities. My nose is extra stuffy during this season, making it even more difficult to breathe in the brisk, winter air. Whether it be jogging or snowshoeing, when I use Breathe Right strips, I experience a much easier time breathing comfortably when doing these cardiovascular exercises outdoors; the nasal strip opens my nose , allowing much more airflow.

How to use: Always apply to a clean, dry nose to ensure that it sticks! The steps I take that work well for me and my lifestyle are, in the morning, to cleanse my face, let it completely dry, put the nasal strip on my nose and get my workout in. Even for someone who sweats as much as I do, the nasal strip stays in place with no sense of slipping. Place it just above the flaring part of the nostrils horizontally, across the bridge of your nose, and apply slight pressure to adhere to your nose – how easy is that? Then to remove it after my workout, I simply hop in a warm shower and gently pull it off with no pain or leftover residue.

Change your outlook on outdoor winter activity – you’re one trip away from getting your Breathe Right strips at your favorite retailer in the cough/cold section – they can be found along with other nasal decongestant products.


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