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Travel Day Tips to Feel Your Best

Traveling—the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Truly there is nothing more enlightening than experiencing all this beautiful world has to offer. Of course traveling is not all rainbows and butterflies, though. 

This post is dedicated to feeling your best during and after travel. These tips are especially helpful for those long 8+ hour flights where you’re spending your whole day in the air and changing 7+ time zones.

Get Exercise in Before Your Flight. The most obvious of answers, of course, is to exercise before your flight. This might not be possible if your flight is at 6am, but set your alarm 5 minutes earlier and do some push-ups or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up a bit and jump-start your digestion. I always prioritize a killer cardio session before my flight; I will wake up really early to get in a good sweat sesh because I know I’ll be sitting for most of the day and it’ll make me feel good.

Hydrate. Water makes you feel good. No matter the situation, water is probably the answer. Water will help move your digestive system along, it’ll prevent constipation and bloating, and it’ll get you on your feet running to the bathroom every hour, being sure to get in movement. 

Explore the Terminals. When I travel with my boyfriend, we take turns manning the luggage and going for power walks around the airport. Get your steps in and stretch those muscles before long bouts of sitting.

Fast. People are incorporating fasting into their routines during air travel as a way to decrease both jet lag and gastrointestinal symptoms sometimes associated with flying. 

Eat Easily-Digestible Foods. It's quite common to have digestive issues in the dry, high-altitude environment in the air. Help your body out by eating things that are easily digested. Another thing is to pay attention to portion size, overeating will put more stress on your digestive tract. 

Take Melatonin. Whether it’s an overnight flight or not, I always take melatonin as soon as my flight takes off. It always knocks me out for an hour or two at least, which is better than no sleep at all. 

Slow Down. Don’t be in such a hurry to board your flight! I honestly prefer to be one of the last people to board because it means I get to stand for longer. The flight isn’t going to leave until everyone at the gate is onboard, so what’s the rush?

Safe Travels!


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