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RANDOM IG WORKOUTS | should you follow them?

Today there is unlimited fitness content available to us at our finger tips. We can find full workouts with video demonstrations within seconds. This can be extremely useful for so many at different points in our fitness journeys; I definitely utilized this in my own journey and still do to a small degree today.

So, should you be following random workouts you find on Instagram? The answer isn't a straight forward yes or no, but rather I'll give you some things to consider.

  1. Is it appropriate for your fitness level?

  2. Is is supportive of your fitness goals?


Yes, there is a difference. Training is structured programming that will help you achieve specific goals. Exercising is movement that promotes general health. If you have a specific goal (you want to lose weight, get stronger, run faster, jump higher, etc.) simply exercising is not going to be enough, or, won't be an efficient way to your goal. If your goal is just to be healthy, then random workouts are great for you!


As someone who started their own fitness account, I was very much under the impression that my favorite influencers actually did the workouts they posted. Though I only follow people now who actually share solid training tips and effective exercises, I know this still exists and so I'm here to tell you that YOU WON'T GET HER GLUTES AND ABS BY DOING HER WEEKLY HIIT WORKOUTS. I promise she did not get those giant glutes by doing bodyweight squats and donkey kicks. To grow large muscles, you have to lift heavy weight.

Creating fitness content is a lot of work and it requires a lot of creativity to be successful. The problem is, there is a hierarchy of exercises, not all are created equally. And to stay unique, influencers will often take creativity to new levels doing unheard of exercises just to be different. And you know damn well that person doesn’t have that programmed in their routine, they're doing it for the gram. This is why I find it hard to be a fitness influencer - I'm not very creative and I do the same exercises over and over. Boring to watch, but so effective.

What I am saying is take IG workouts with a grain of salt. There are great ones and not so great ones, ones that the person actually does, and ones that they film for the sake of posting on Instagram. Random workouts are great for general health, but to reach specific goals, it's important to have structured programming.

For my goals, I used to rely on random workouts too much in the beginning. I was constantly switching things up which made it impossible for me to track my progress over time. Now, I consume others' fitness content with the intent to learn, maybe picking a new exercise or two to add to my routine every now and then to see how my body responds.

Let me help you! Apply for coaching by sending an email to or DM me on Instagram (@fit.bymandi). SO excited to help you become the healthiest and happiest you!


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