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2023 GOALS | that have nothing to do with your body

I love New Year's Resolutions. I think they are inspiring and exciting and they can promote such healthy lifestyle changes.

My ultimate, everyday goal that I am constantly striving for is happiness. It has everything to do with how I feel. Mentally, physically, emotionally - I am not at my best if I don't optimize my health in every aspect.

Of course moving my body is a huge part of every single day that makes me feel good in all of these categories, but it has nothing to do with how I look. I challenge you to set some health-related goals this year that have nothing to do with wanting to change the way your body looks. You are more than your weight or body fat percentage. Set goals this year that will improve the quality of your life and how you feel.

Here are a few goal ideas to improve the quality of your life.

Start Listening to an Educational Podcast. Learn something new. Dive deep into topics you're interested in. Get help from podcasts on health, fitness, relationships, business, etc. Better yet, walk while listening to your podcast.

Intentional Quality Time. Whether it be with friends, family, or a partner, having at least weekly plans to disconnect from the world and connect with each other is vital for healthy relationships and fulfilling lives.

Make a New Recipe Each Week. Experimenting in the kitchen benefits your mind and body. Cooking your own meals allows you to be more connected to the food you're putting into your body not to mention variety in your diet to cover all your micronutrient-bases.

Read More Books. Reading is not only educational, but it helps you get into a flow state. It can help reduce stress, improve sleep, improve concentration, improve general knowledge, and improve sleep.

Practice Mindfulness. Download a mindfulness meditation app and hold yourself accountable to practicing it daily/weekly. I truly believe calming the racing thoughts going through your head and being able to be present and content is the key to happiness.

Tell me your goals for 2023!


Let me help you! Apply for coaching by sending an email to or DM me on Instagram (@fit.bymandi). SO excited to help you become the healthiest and happiest you!


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